Hello, I'm Devang Srivastava.
I'm obsessed with technology and its possibilities.

The Story

I began coding when I was 9. It was just Arduinos & LEDs back then but I knew that this was my future, and my legacy. Eventually, I created my first website. It was a directory of hobby stores in India, before Google Places was a thing.

At 13, I created my first company, DevUncoded. It's still alive today. The bug had bitten me, I was addicted to this lifestyle now. Over the next few years, I created Dev Identify, Xebber, Recognize, and some more projects & companies.

At 16, I took my open source project, Dev Identify to $50,000 in annual sponsorships and graduated from Y Combinator SUS with Recognize.

I'm 17 now, with even bigger plans for the future.

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